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Make traveling easy and safe with walkers

When you're recovering from surgery or just prefer knee walkers for greater mobility, get in touch with Mantel Home Medical Equipment for affordable walking aids. Now you can move around easily while enjoying the safety of your walkers.

  • Standard walkers

  • 5 inch fixed wheeled walker, usually called wheeled walker

  • Roll-ators (4 wheeled walkers) with handbrake and seat

  • Knee walkers, which is basically a small scooter and safer than crutches for people with foot surgery

  • Canes and crutches

Walkers and crutches for all

We understand that the transition from hospital to home can be a challenging experience. With Mantel Home Medical Equipment, you know that you'll find friendly and experienced staff to guide you as per your needs. We'll help you set up your home with all the medical supplies that can keep you safe and healthy.

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Since 1979, our team has been taking care of your home medical equipment needs. Talk to our team to know the perfect equipment as per your requirements.